I am a lover of life. A passionate artist at heart, I believe in the power of the arts to shift perceptions and change lives. I have been writing my whole life. I enjoy writing poetry, science-fiction, essays, and feature articles. I have a particular affinity for performance art, love music, and love to dance. I believe in the power of live performance as a healing modality. I am interested in the interplay between the traditional theatre and the use of technology in sustaining audience engagement. I am interested in life on earth and all that being human entails: this includes but is not limited to Culture, Travel, Food, Design, Architecture, Sustainability, Agriculture, Technology, Music, Art, Literature, and Psychology.

I am particularly interested in the human psyche and associated behavioural choices. I am passionate about holistic education. I love learning and take great pleasure in gaining knowledge in various fields as and when the desire arises. I believe firmly that the only true education is self-education.

I am concerned with the recognition of our common humanity and our consequent potential for evolution as a species. As such, my interest extends to any matters which affect people.

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